Suunto Elementum Aqua Review

The Suunto Elementum Aqua came in a discrete black cube, with just one word written on: “SUUNTO.” The one I was given has black case, black rubber band, and positive face. The black case is stainless 316L, the common “marine grade metal,” and is very stylish. From some distance it could look like a classy dark G-Shock watch. Actually a friend of mine made precisely this comment; nevertheless a good look unveils its originality. The 41mm frame has eight hex screws and its combination with the sapphire glass and the curved case remind me of the viewing port of an atmospheric scuba diving suit. In fact I do think that here is the most incredible feature of the watch, despite the fact that it resembles the bezel of a UTS model, the execution by Suunto seems wonderful.

A different distinctive characteristic of the watch may be the big crown pusher at two o’ clock, the one feature that’s shared between all of the Elementum instruments. Being bigger than the simple pusher at 3 o’ clock, it really sticks out, incorporating an additional touch of various design culture. The crystal has yellowish circular and linear marks which determine the measurements taken under water. The 2 yellow lines help to notify about the present and maximum depth, as well as the dive time, while the circular marking is the analogue temperature scale.Suunto Elementum Aqua 2

Suunto Elementum Aqua operates in a couple of modes: TIME and DIVE mode. The time function is really quite simple, the hour and the mins are placed at the middle of the display, while at the end of the display the date is discovered. Don’t question the reading of seconds, the main display lacks it, despite the empty higher part of the display which may supply the perfect room for this reading. The explanation for this omission may be a shot to avoid the refreshing of the display each second and save some battery. The setup of the time requires pushing the crown for a few mere seconds. Then the time, date, and alarm set up is extremely easy by screwing the crown clockwise or anti-clockwise.
Yet another useful feature of the watch is a button locking mechanism function, which can be triggered by pushing the two pushers together. In addition, by pressing the center pusher firmly in any mode, the backlight is triggered.

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