Suunto Elementum

Wristlet was the term used for the wristwatch when it was first introduced to the public. It was exclusively reserved for women because men were used to using the pocket watch and considered it as an accessory exclusive for men. With its numerous tiny parts, very few companies have tried to mass produced wristwatches. The few who still exist in today’s market have made a name for themselves because of the quality of their timepiece.

One company that produces diving computers, heart rate monitors, and precision instruments is also known for its lines of premium sports watches. Suunto is best known for its multi-function wristwatches.

Their core function is to help athletes and hobbyists for various sports like golf, biking, diving, hiking, and skiing. Suunto model watches are known for a variety of functions like,

  • GPS location
  • Compass bearings
  • Altitude
  • Acceleration
  • Training effect


The Suunto Elementum series models showcase the fine qualities found in a sports watch. The series includes the Elementum Terra All Black, Suunto Elementum Terra Black Rubber, Suunto Elementum Terra Black Leather, and Suunto Elementum Terra Steel. Another set is the Elementum Aqua series for diving and the Elementum Ventus for sailing. The outdoor sports instruments are integrated in each Suunto model.

Conquering Heights

The Suunto Elementum Terra models have numerous accessories like the leather strap kit, black rubber strap, and leather strap. The standard features found in Elementum Terra are.

  • Time, Date, Alarm – the standard functions present in all wristwatches. These are the basic functions that are useful on a daily basis.
  • Backlight – it enables the user to see essential information on the watch in dark places.
  • Altimeter – is an altitude measuring function wherein a mountaineer, hiker, or biker could determine the height of an area with reference to the sea level.
  • Barometric pressure trend – it measures the pressure exerted by the weight of air to a given area on earth.
  • 3D compass – the navigational instrument that shows directions. The frame of reference is the North, East, West, and South directions.
  • Chronograph – the digital chronograph with timekeeping function and stop watch, as well.
  • Cumulative ascent/ descent – accumulated data of the exercise for endurance training.
  • Log: last 8 ascent/ descent, max. altitude – last crucial data of the exercise.

These features are crucial for athletes whose turfs are high-altitude location like a mountain. It is like integrating various outdoor sports instruments into a sports watch. These are precision instruments that will help athletes monitor their progress. They will also serve as tools that will make the athlete aware of the conditions within his immediate environment.

A Diver’s Best Buddy

Like the Elementum Terra, the Elementum Aqua series models have the same aesthetic appeal but have features that are customized for swimmers and divers. Some of the standard features are.

  • Auto dive mode
  • Depth, maximum depth
  • Dive time
  • Surface time
  • Water temperature
  • Number of dives
  • Log: last 14 dives

These are the essential features divers need to help them survive the depth of the deep sea. As always, they are made aware of the conditions of their surroundings. They can easily monitor their progress, and if they are already in the extreme.


For high profile athletes who are into sailing races, Elementum Ventus is an offering from Suunto which has both elegance and functionality. It is made of corrosion resistant steel and sapphire crystal glass for the unforgiving ocean conditions. It shares some of the best features found in the Elementum Terra such as.

  • Barometric pressure trend graph
  • 3D compass
  • Sailing timer
  • Chronograph
  • Log: 24 h barometric graph


The exciting qualities of these premium sports watches have caught the attention of product analysts and consumer watch groups. Because of their increasing popularity in the market, a Terra watch review can easily be accessed online. Some of these reviews are posted by consumers who have bought the watches and want to share with the rest of the world their valuable comment about the items. They are united in praising the aesthetic appeal, functionality of the features, and ease of use. Even video review of the Suunto Elementum says the same positive comments about the product.


In regard to negative feedbacks, the only thing that is evident in reviews is the insufficient data in the printed instruction manual. Some of the consumers who are hunting for a bargain watch might find Suunto’s product lines to be too expensive. On the other hand, professional athletes are willing to spend on these watches like their willingness to spend for their high end equipment and gear.

If I am into high stakes and extreme sports and hobbies like sailing and diving, Suunto outdoor sports watches are definitely one of my top choices. With all the positive reviews and the reputation of the manufacturer, it is enough for me to be convinced about the watches’ quality, not to mention the finish of every model. For me, price will never be an issue because if I could afford a yacht and diving gear, I can surely afford a Ventus or a Terra.


A layman could be confused with such technical terms as field compasses, pressure trend arrow, or vertical movement. On the other hand, these are the terms that sound like music to an athlete’s ears. It means life and death for them. These high-end wristwatches are not only used for parties and special occasions, but more importantly for the sports they love. Every professional athlete knows that he/she could not only count on their skills and talent. Equipment and gear is their best companion in a lonely and dangerous places they want to conquer. Man is only made of flesh and blood, and in an unforgiving environment, there is no better protection that the sophisticated things they brought in their journey. They will easily regain their confidence knowing that survival is always possible, especially finishing a race or reaching an extreme point. This is with the help of devices like Suunto watches.

If you like the brand but need something more sporty take a look at Suunto Vector or if you need stylish and rugged watch with all the functionality Suunto Core might be just for you!

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